Bliss Balls | raw vegan

These are so handy and easy to make. They’re the perfect meal prep/take away food. I also think they make a great gift or treat to bring to a potluck/co working session with friends, which is what I did.


  • 40g Raw Cacao Powder
  • 10g Rolled Oats
  • 20g Peanut Butter
  • 50g Coconut Oil
  • 160g Dates
  • 100g Nuts (hazelnuts, almonds)
  • Shredded Coconut to dip in

Put the nuts in a food processor or blender and pulse until finely crushed. Add dates, oats, cacao powder and peanut butter and mix again. Then add coconut oil and blitz until you get a sticky dough. Be careful, it should be sticky, not liquid. Roll into small balls. Then coat the balls with shredded coconut. Put all of them in a freezer for an hour, then store in fridge or eat right away! 


23 Things I’ve Learned at 23

Hi. My name is Alexa. I turned 23 today. Here’s 23 things I learned at 23.

  1. Self care is not selfish (even when some people make you feel otherwise).
  2. It’s okay to say no.
  3. It’s not okay to beat yourself up.
  4. FOMO might seem real, but not going won’t ruin your life.
  5. Stop waiting until you’re “perfect” or you meet a goal. Start now.
  6. 15kg less will not make you happy.
  7. People might appear settled and happy but on the inside feel very different.
  8. Depression is like a bedroom waiting to become organized. We need to make the decision to go through it (it’s worth it), grab some smelly socks, wash them and put them in the right drawer, and other things left aside for so long. Anyone can do it and it’s up for you to pull yourself out of this.
  9. You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
  10. Gender roles are a social construct created by humans with a human brain that compensates its limited capacity by a probabilist process.
  11. So is marriage.
  12. Divorce is sometimes the best solution for two people in misery.
  13. Be more vulnerable. Be more vulnerable in the art you want to create. Be more vulnerable in your relationships and don’t be so terrified. Lose the shame.
  14. Journal. Every day. Pour you heart out.
  15. Dance. Dance it out. It doesn’t matter how you look.
  16. If you can survive sexual assault, death and losing one of your closest friends, and you are still this truly happy human, you should know by now that happiness does not come from outside things.
  17. See the good in every person. Give them love, especially if they hurt you. Forgive them. It will give you mental peace.
  18. Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful.
  19. If you like her, tell her.
  20. Don’t be scared to ask for help. When your foot is broken, you live on your own and you can’t get down the stairs to do your groceries, call a friend.
  21. Learn the difference between a friend and a friendly acquaintance.
  22. Your mission – on this earth – at this time – is to infuse energy, passion and connection. It’s to inspire those around you to believe in themselves and to live their truth. You found your path. Don’t let your parents tell you otherwise. Inspire them, too.
  23. You’re still alive.


Challenge. Workout post-injury.


Running through Mainz

I would have to lie if I said I was never a big runner – because I was. I used to run track back in high school – 800m. While I was talented, I had this love/hate relationship with running. I think that was owed to the experience of complete exhaustion ¾ through the race. That was partly due to starting out too fast. But once I had pushed through, it was the best feeling ever. Running made me feel alive.

Now, I’m going to get back into it. And I am more excited than ever to shatter the news with you that today I went on a run again! Last night I made it back to Mainz where I studied and today I explored the beautiful historic city. And trust me, I know that it’s not easy to get back into running.

First, let’s talk about gear. It took a bit of experimenting to find out what works for me. I used to wear clothes that never felt quite right – do you know that feeling? That being said, the number one piece of gear I knew I needed was a good pair of running shoes. Little did I know how much I was going to need them. Shortly after I finally got the perfect pair (linked below), I fractured my calcaneus (the heel bone) – exactly two months ago today. They would accompany everywhere – during the past two months, I wore a medical boot on the left, and the Nike Epic React Flyknit on my right foot – since I used my right leg only, it was perfect. The shoe is durable and so breathable, so that I don’t sweat. I didn’t exercise at all. I couldn’t. But then again, taking the stairs with a broken calcaneus is kind of like single leg box jumps. I am so glad that before my injury, I worked out regularly and mostly using my whole body, because otherwise I would’ve physically been done after one set of stairs, and wearing a durable shoe made the whole experience so much easier.

Even when I knew I was not able to walk anymore, I knew I wouldn’t let my injury stop me. So I am now setting myself the goal to spend moving my body every day, spending those 30 minutes running and dancing it out. And I think you should join me. We can all encourage each other to unplug and to get moving. Spend some time outside, and share your pictures and stories on Instagram with the hashtag #AlexasEarthlings and/or #DanceItOut and tag me so I can see them and repost them to share the positive energy. I think it is essential for my mind to stay sane to spend time outdoors. To motivate you, I will start with you and I will update you on my progress – as I always do, in my stories.

The feeling after? Good music? Or comfortable gear? What motivates you to run? 



My running gear:




Hello May! A change may just be around the corner (I love puns). April was a tough month for me. Unlike March. But no one can take my smile away from me, so April was a beautiful lesson. So here we go.

Song of the Month

Talking by Elderbrook. To me, it is so empowering. No-one knows that song, but I love to dance to it. It offers a confidence boost for those moments when you feel powerless in the world. And listening to the lyrics isn’t such a bad idea either. Go to my story highlight called MUSIC to see more special songs I love.

Workout of the Month

I have actually gotten into… cardio! Yup. I never thought I would say this myself, but here I am, writing these lines. What cardio have I been doing? Walking on the treadmill: speed 5-6, incline 15. It kills my legs every single time, I love it. Also the weather brought out a craving to go outside and skate again! I live near the Rhine river and skating along the shore just makes me forget about everything for a brief moment.

Favorite Moment of the Month

April has been rough, but there’s been just as many beautiful moments as tough ones. One of them was dancing it out to our favorite Latino music with my friend Mona* and having the most relaxed day with Laura the next day in my hometown Cologne (sleeping in, fair fashion shopping, delicious vegan food, luvluvluv).

*@flowingbody on Instagram, check her out! 🙂

Words of the Month

Stand on the rooftops of your worries.

Let today be the day you stand on the rooftops of your worries and know that by grace, through faith, there is freedom to be fearless even though tomorrow is unknown.

More words and inspiration.


Next week, I’ll be in Frankfurt for an exciting event and the launch of something very special – a brand (which I have yet to reveal – watch my stories!) going vegan and eliminating animal-derived ingredients from their products. I couldn’t imagine a better job than promoting a cruelty-free world. I really couldn’t. And soon, I might just be off to a destination I have never been to…

Another thing to look forward to are the Instagram Meet Ups we are hosting this spring and summer! With the first one being this Saturday in Frankfurt, ~1 pm. And you, reading this, are very welcome to come. The meetups we do are potlucks, meaning everybody brings a vegan dish to share and we end up with a feast. But not only the food is special, the people are, too. Social media brings us together and some people I met through Instagram have become the most important people in my life. So don’t let fear stop you from attending one of our meet ups! 🙂 You can choose your city and time:

  • May 5 • Frankfurt, Germany
  • May 19 • Münster, Germany
May 26 • Stuttgart, Germany
  • June 24 • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • July 27 • Salzburg, Austria
  • And hopefully one in Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 once I move there.

Are you coming? If you can’t, you’ll virtually attend through my InstaStories, hihi.

I wanna know: What are you looking forward to this month? And how did you spend the first day of May? Leave a comment! Did anyone else dance into the new month? That’s my ritual, and it’s the best way to restart and recharge. Never forget to #DanceItOut. ♥️

A. x


Bali Blogger Hotel Guide | how to collaborate

If you’ve ever thought of visiting Bali or you’re a blogger or an Instagrammer, this is a must-read for you. I will tell you about my favorite hotels and eco lodges we stayed at in Bali, without any of their owners or marketing telling me to write this – only my honest opinion.

Upfront: Except for 3 places I will tell you about, we did not know where we were going to stay before arriving in Bali. We just went with the flow, which is what I recommend. Don’t just stay in one place in a hotel on Bali. Don’t.You can easily book little hotels and home stays spontaneously which is how we did it. I also did that in Thailand and Cambodia, and it works just as well in Indonesia. If you don’t know who I went with, go back to my posts from Bali. 🌴

Without further ado, here are the top 5 hotels you need to visit if you ever go to Bali.

Desa Visesa

Ubud, Bali. Desa Visesa was a dream come true. It is a luxury resort, but it doesn’t have that “only rich people allowed/the staff treating you well just because you can afford the hotel” type of vibe. No, to the contrary. If you know me, you know I’m always up to no good and as silly as can be. No attitude. No shame in the game. I loved the people working there and they loved us right back. The buffet had plenty of vegan options, including my favorite Bali dessert – bean pudding! We had our own beautiful villa with a private pool here, which we used for breakfast in the pool and skinny dipping of course. I thought that’s what a private pool was for, is it not? 🐒

The Ark

Ubud, Bali. A quiet eco lodge in Ubud that feels like home. People that stay here will become your family. It’s all about conscious living. You eat together, do meditation or yoga or tarot card readings. As a symptom of trauma in my life, I got sick here. And I healed here. I got to forgive the person that physically and mentally hurt me. I got over fears. All through energy healing and with the help of a dear friend from Brazil who currently is in charge of the Ark. The Ark also produces their own soaps and shampoos for you to use from only natural ingredients that you could even eat. They have a kitchen packed with superfoods and fermented goods like Kombucha, my holy grail. This was the first place I ever stayed at where they could compete with my level of health nerd. We also experienced Nyepi (Balinese New Year) here, a day spent in silence. We sat together, people from Argentina, Russia, Norway and Brazil, all coming together. Cooked and talked with candles lit instead of electricity.

The Chillhouse

Canggu, Bali. If you’ve watched my Instagram stories during our one month trip around Bali, you know how much we enjoyed this hotel. The hotel is made up of bungalows, all apart from each other, each following a different kind of theme. Our bungalow was held in all red tones and reminded me of Africa.

Our days here went like this: 8am Yoga Flow, lavish breakfast at my favorite cafe in Bali, work (editing and/or Instagram), luscious lunch or dinner at one of the nearby warungs. Read about my top 5 healthy food spots. If you want to get into yoga or are already a pro, this is the place for you. They offer two classes each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Alex, the owner of The Chillhouse, is from Austria and is one of the most awesome people I’ve met. He has the kindest heart and best energy and will always put a smile on every guest’s face. I think you can tell from the picture that we were truly happy here.

Jungle Room

Canggu, Bali.This lodge does its name justice. Set in the jungle, it is comprised of a small number of bungalows/houses each with their own space. Our bungalow was breathtaking. At night and in the morning you are surrounded by animal sounds. I found myself sitting on the porch in the middle of the night here, listening to the sounds of the jungle. Looking at the sky and the stars and thinking about what a crazy beautiful world we are able to live in. That’s what Jungle Room will do to you.

Home stays

And finally, home stays. Home stays are a great way to get to know other travelers while having your own space. They are like Airbnbs, but usually an apartment complex. Similar to a hostel, a home stay is an open space, usually with a shared kitchen or pool, but unlike at a hostel, you have your own apartment. You can easily find home stays by searching for them on the platform Airbnb.


I will reveal to you that you can collaborate with these and other hotels if you’re a passionate travel instagrammer or photographer.

If you want to collaborate with hotels while traveling, I recommend sending an e-mail prior to your stay with possible dates and a reasonable offer. Remember that they too put in a lot of work to make their guests feel welcome and make their hotels or lodges feel like home. If you’re honest and kind and equipped with a professional camera, collaborations will work out for you in Bali. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments and I will get right back to them! DMs on Instagram will get lost quickly. 💚

Let me know in a comment down below if you want my next post (or even youtube video?) to be about healing PCOS or my workout routine! Ily.


RAINBOW SUMMER ROLLS | gluten-free, vegan


Hi beautiful humans. Those who have read my post know I needed to bring some sunshine and rainbows into my life. That’s why I started the day with my favorite – sticky oats and brought these beautiful vegan summer rolls to work with me. You may have heard of spring rolls as well, but many people don’t know the difference. Summer rolls are way healthier for you than spring rolls – they’re gluten-free, raw and oh-so-yummy.

I decided to share the recipe only if they tasted good, and oh boy, these dipped in peanut sauce are the sh*t.


Bring the sunshine with these delicious, fresh and light summer rolls that look and taste like a rainbow.


  • 8 rice paper rounds/wraps
  • 2 medium carrots shredded
  • 1/4 head red cabbage shredded
  • 2 leaves lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 lemon juiced
  • 1 handful fresh cilantro, chopped (3 tbsp)
  • 1 handful fresh mint leaves, chopped (3 tbsp)


  1. Fill a large bowl or a soup plate with warm water.

  2. Soak 1 rice paper in warm water for 10-30 seconds to soften. Remove from water and transfer to a cutting board.

  3. Mash avocado and add lemon.

  4. Spread 2 teaspoons of the guacamole (mashed avocado) on the rice paper.

  5. Cut cucumber into slices, shred carrots and red cabbage with a grater (or slice thinly with a knife). Cut lettuce leaves.

  6. Place lettuce, cabbage, carrot, cucumber slices, chopped mint and some chopped cilantro on the rice paper (take care not to overstuff!).

  7. Roll up rice paper tightly. Fold in sides and continue rolling.

  8. Top rice paper roll with more cilantro (or parsley, in case you don't like cilantro!).

  9. Et voilá! First summer roll done. Cut to take a beautiful picture for insta or just dip in peanut sauce/butter and enjoy 😻

The picture shows 2 of these delicious rice paper rolls cut up. Just cut twice to take some beautiful shots for Instagram! What would you add to summer rolls? I need new ideas what to fill them with!! Let me know in a comment down below or under my recent post on Instagram. You can always mix up the ingredients and add whatever you like to rice paper rolls! Go with rice noodles and no avocado for a high carb low fat version, or peanut butter sauce inside and bean/alfalfa sprouts for a low carb/high fat version! As always, I love seeing your recreations. 🌈

Just tag #cleaneatswithalexa and #alexasearthlings so I can stalk.
Con mucho amor, A x



Hello April, hello another favorites blogpost! January and December were special ones, but the month of March was extraspecial.

Song of the Month

Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka. Anyone who has watched my favorite show right now knows this song. I’m talking about Big Little Lies. The cast features Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, my ultimate crush Zoe Kravitz and… tadadada… Shailene Woodley, who people have compared me to (which is the most outrageous, biggest compliment ever).

Workout of the Month

Yoga. Yoga, yoga, yoga. Laura (@laurafruitfairy)* and I spent the whole month of March on Bali, Indonesia. I have gone on a spiritual journey there, starting each morning with a 90 minute yoga flow, except for when we were exploring the North of Bali and Nusa Penida.

*Definitely check her out if you don’t know her already!

Yoga Pose

Favorite Moment of the Month

Taking the road less traveled, literally (for behind the scenes, watch my story highlights ☞ “Nusa Penida”). Getting lost in the jungle of Bali and hanging with cows in the middle of rice fields while the rain was pouring down. Being at peace while being lost and embracing that feeling, two backpacks on our backs, wet hair and dirty feet. And laughing through it all.

Second Favorite Moment of the Month

You know it’s been a good month when you can think of at least ten moments you will not forget. My second favorite moment in March was definitely getting two new tattoos.

Words of the Month

Baby, I’m not afraid. I’ve been to hell and back.
I’m a free spirit, a wild child and a renegade.
I belong to nobody but myself, yet give a piece of who I am to everyone I meet.

More words and inspiration.

What’s your favorite tv series? Have you watched Big Little Lies? If not, do it and let me know what you think! Leave your IG handle and I’ll give you a shout in my Stories. ♥️

A. x



The long-awaited favorites post including all my favorite healthy restaurants in Bali is finally here! For all of you girls messaging me, Bali is very safe. I would say it’s the perfect spot for those who haven’t traveled on their own a lot yet – you will find that there is a lot of kind, spiritual, awesome, open-minded, beautiful souls in Bali. As long as you’re open, don’t worry about making connections. But here’s to the food spots.


The Cassava

Cassava at The Chillhouse in Canggu felt like home. Each item on their menu is inspired by a person. It’s international, and every dish is a masterpiece. Cassava is the best for a healthy but delicious start to the day. We both loved the fermented black rice pancakes and the “Zataars Breakfast” – a dish that reminded me of Costa Rica because it’s filled with nutritious beans and falafel.

Here I am holding Laksa, a spicy rice noodle soup with lots of veggies in a rich and spicy curry coconut milk.


Sage has been my favorite food spot in Ubud, Bali. Maybe because I have so many memories when it comes to Latin American – Asian fusion cuisine! I spent a part of my life in Costa Rica, and I was obsessed with plantains and pinto (beans). So the plantain sandwich filled with beans and vegan mayo they have on their menu was the absolute killer.

The Elephant

The Elephant is one of the oldest, most traditional restaurants in Ubud.
We had a feast there. The two of us shared a pad thai with rice noodles, creamy hummus, nori salads, tom yum, steamed greens, summer rolls, mango Sticky Rice, kombucha, juice… aaand raw cheese cake and raw chocolate cake for dessert.

We also witnessed the most beautiful sunset there. The restaurant is up high on a hill and you have a beautiful view over the nature of Ubud.

Canggu & Seminyak:

Cafe Organic

Laura and I created our own dish for Cafe Organic: chocolate chip cookie dough. Hell yes. The crispy cauliflower wings (gluten-free!) and our cookie dough (obvi, hehe) are my favorite dishes here. They have two locations: Seminyak and Canggu.

Poke Poke Canggu

Hawaiian poke bowls are nutritious, raw and so so good. Wish I lived in Hawaii just to have one of these every. Single. Day.

Have you ever been to Bali? If so, have you been to any of my favorite food spots? Where would you like to go most? 😍