December Favorites

Favorites, favorites, favorites. I want to introduce you to a new category on my blog. December, you’ve been a good one.

Song of the Month

Wild Love – Ellie King. It’s not a masterpiece or exceptional, and it doesn’t have to be. Instead, it reminds me of loud carpool karaoke on my way to a friend. Singing my heart out and not having a care in the world at that moment. And when I think back, I know that that is what it means to really be present in the moment.

Workout of the Month

Barbell workouts. Sure, you could do bodyweight exercises from now until forever, but if you want to build muscle and reach your potential, you’ll want to use free weights.

Instagram Account(s) of the Month

I will first feature some(one) of you in January. This will usually be a person behind an account that deserves to be seen by more people on Instagram, despite the algorithm (and despite their number of followers).

Favorite Moment of the Month

Dancing my heart out with locals at La Tasca on La Gomera. Getting to see old friends at one of our Instagram meet ups in Cologne again. Drinking red wine. Manchmal fällt es schwer einen Moment über einen anderen zu stellen.

Words of the Month

My favorite words this December were these, written by m.k., titled who are you, really?

who are you,

you are not a name
or a height, or a weight
or a gender
you are not an age
and you are not where you
are from

you are your favorite books
and the songs stuck in your head
you are your thoughts
and what you eat for breakfast
on saturday mornings

you are a thousand things
but everyone chooses
to see the million things
you are not

you are not
where you are from
you are
where you’re going
and i’d like
to go there

More words and inspiration.

Do you have a favorite moment of the month of December 2017? Do you like to look back on the past? Feel free to share yours in the comments. Leave your IG handle and I’ll be glad to give you a shout in my Instagram Stories.

And most importantly, I wish you physical and mental health, and the strength to fight all your battles in 2018. ♥️



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