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Looking back on my time in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai and thinking about all the amazing little cafés and food we tried, I just knew I had to share my favorite places with you.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find restaurants you know you can trust, that are affordable and offer healthy choices at the same time. What I have noticed during my second visit to Chiang Mai (I first went there in 2014) is that insider tips (from locals or you guys on Instagram) are more valuable than any Trip Advisor review or online forum. So – as a fitness lover that doesn’t eat dairy or meat – here are my five recommendations you have to try if you have a passion for delicious and nutritious food!

  1. Aum Restaurant: Hidden away and small, this restaurant is a true secret tip. It’s a health foodie’s heaven: Smoothies, green juices, tempeh and quinoa dishes, vegetable pizzas. Yes, please! 😋
  2. Bodhi Tree Café: I think their pancakes are the biggest and best in the city, and you can choose from various toppings like coconut yogurt, fruits and cereal. They serve non-vegan and vegan dishes and prepare every dish from scratch.
  3. See You Soon: Homemade smoothies and lemonades that look like they came straight out of Instagram, coffee and more.
  4. It’s Good Kitchen: Near Wat Pra Singh (a must-visit temple!).
  5. Top North Hotel: The perfect place for those traveling on a budget. Breakfast buffets for 100 Baht (2,50€/$3). It is also the only restaurant offering a breakfast buffet that is open until 11am.

There you go, these were my personal top 5 restaurants in Chiang Mai! Have any of you been to Thailand or even Chiang Mai? What are your favorites?




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