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Almost two weeks ago, I came back from London – a trip with great people, great shopping, and – believe it or not – even greater food.

To my surprise, the only thing I didn’t find was good tea. In England. So if you know where to find good tea in London, leave me a comment!
Here are my favorite healthy cafés/restaurants in London, divided by area:



  • Whole Foods Okay okay, I know you all already know this one and it’s technically not a café nor a restaurant, but a health food store/supermarket. However, it’s way better than any supermarket we have in Germany! They have take-away from buffets with freshly made foods that taste so good and are mostly healthy.
  • Campbell’s Canal Café (all vegan) Best address for vegan junk food: pancakes, burgers, “fish” and chips, french toasts, etc.
  • Pure (vegan options) Sweet potato falafel, lentil bolognese, zoodles. This place is great for everyone who loves oriental/Asian food. Their food is hand-made in their on-site kitchen and they serve everything you could wish for – even brownies, power balls and granola squares.

Notting Hill

  • Farmacy (vegan + gluten-free options) I saw someone eat here on Instagram just before my trip to London, and I’m so glad I did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have encountered this place. From the interior (plant heaven) to the food, this restaurant is nothing short of amazing. Plus, the neighbourhood is lovely and great for pictures. This is what we ordered.


  • Vital Ingredient (vegan + gluten-free options) They focus on low gi foods (ingredients that release energy slowly). They offer lots of dairy-free soups, smoothies and so much more, and you can create your own seasonal salad or “jacket potato”.

Have you been to London? If so, can you recommend any cafés or restaurants? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! 🙂





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