The only Zoodle Recipe you will ever need

If you’ve never had zoodles before, you’re missing out.
They are noodles made out of zucchinis, hence the name. I remember when I tried them for the first time a few years back without having a spiralizer and without good recipes around, and I never wanted to make them again because they tasted so bad. Over time, I have perfected my own recipe after investing in an inspiralizer online. I use this one.
Here’s the basic and only zoodle recipe you will need. You can build on and add to it.


  • 1/2 to 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/4 onion
  • 500g fresh (or tinned) tomatoes
  • 3 zucchinis
  • 1 tsp of paprika
  • 1 dash of pepper
  • 1/2 cup of basil



  • dried seaweed ➪ source of iodine + protein
  • nutritional yeast ➪ great vegan source of vitamin b12 



  • 1 cup dried white beans (soaked overnight) or 1 can of white beans
  • tempeh


For the basic recipe, add all ingredients in the order above.

First, chop the garlic and onion and add them to the pan. Then add in a little water, fresh tomatoes and mushrooms (if you’re using any). Then add parsley and salt and pepper according to your taste. While the sauce is simmering, spiralize the 3 zucchinis and add them into the pan. A major mistake I used to make is to let the zucchinis simmer for too long, so they would get very soft. I prefer them ‘al dente’, so I put them in the pan for only 2 minutes at high temperature. Then I add my spices.
I usually add a source of extra protein and fiber. White beans are great because they will fill you up and provide magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron, and they go well with the tomato sauce, but I love tempeh as well. Tempeh is a fermented soy product with many probiotic benefits (good for the gut + digestion!).
I will usually top any noodle dish with nutritional yeast. It’s all vegan and some use it as a replacement for parmesan, but it also provides protein, vitamin b12 and 6, folate, zinc and magnesium. The other food I have recently become obsessed with and will use in any dish is dried seaweed. My mom brought back an “algae salad” from France and I have never seen anything similar in local supermarkets, probably because they would have to import it. Seaweed is another great source of protein as well as iodine which is essential for the thyroid to work properly.


Comment below if you have ever tried zoodles and what you usually add to them, I’d love to be inspired for future recipes! Let me know if you try this recipe and tag me on Instagram so I can see your recreations! 🙂





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