Turmeric Latte

For those of you who follow me on 6 thousand studies proving turmeric to be the number 1 healing herb available today. I have been incorporating fresh turmeric in my diet for a long time – whenever I would feel a little sluggish or I could sense my defense system was a little down. I would use it in hot water and make turmeric tea, but I have never tried it in (plant-based) milk before! This was actually a revelation and I’ve been hooked on this recipe ever since creating it.

I wouldn’t even call it a recipe, that’s how easy it is! For my turmeric latte, I don’t use regular turmeric, I use this blend by Sonnentor. It combines turmeric, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and pepper. Black pepper is needed for turmeric to reach its full potential, enhancing the bioavailability of turmeric. If you’re as obsessed with cinnamon as I am (I use it on everything – sweet potatoes, soy yogurt, nicecream – you name it), then I recommend you to throw your regular cinnamon (cassia cinnamon) out the window and switch to Ceylon cinnamon to benefit from all its health benefits. Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon, and since it’s the land of cinnamon, that’s where the Ceylon cinnamon gets its name. I traveled to Sri Lanka and visited a cinnamon “farm” and watched (and filmed) the whole production of cinnamon. I bought a whole lot of it over there, but before that, the Ceylon cinnamon by Reformhaus used to be my go-to.

Luckily, Sonnentor use Ceylon cinnamon in their blend. However, the main ingredient is turmeric. And for this killer recipe, you will only need two ingredients:



  • Plant milk (I recommend rice milk, as it tastes best in this recipe)
  • The Sonnentor blend  – if you can’t buy it, all you have to do is blend 80% turmeric, 10% cinnamon, 8% ginger, 2% vanilla, and a dash of black pepper (all in powder form), which is way more complicated than buying the blend. They also have a version with vanilla.


Once you have these ingredients ready, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps: Pour 0,2l-0,4l of rice milk in a cup. Add 1 teaspoon of the turmeric blend per 0,2l and mix well. Heat the milk in a pot on the stove until warm (not boiling!).

It’s quickly become my favorite drink – not only because of its endless health properties, but mostly because it is so delicious. It takes me back to childhood because it reminds me of those times as a child when my brother and I would drink milk with honey before bed (which you now know will have a drug-like effect on you – if you haven’t read my blog post on cow’s milk, read it now and then come back to this article).

I have been drinking this combination every day ever since discovering it and I can already feel a huge change in my energy levels. Whenever you need an afternoon pick-me-up and you would normally reach for coffee or other caffeinated beverages (strong green tea in my case), you can come back to this recipe and make yourself a turmeric latte! If you’re trying to stay away from coffee, this is the solution. Just replace your daily coffee with this healthy alternative. Try it and let me know how it’s going. If you recreate this drink, tag me on Instagram @AlexasEarth #AlexasEarthBowls.


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