Backpacking | 5 Tips

Do you want to travel? Really travel? I’m talking getting to know the locals, fully immersing yourself into their culture. Sleeping somewhere new every week, finding out how people live and cook and eat. In my opinion, the only way to do that is if you decide against a 5-star hotel that is secluded and cut off from reality. So what is the alternative? Staying in hostels. Going on a road trip. Couch surfing. If you’re gonna do that, the best bet is to take a backpack. That requires self-discipline though. I was thinking on what I would like to read and what travel tips are really gonna help you. This is what I have learned.

  • Start with the things you won’t need during your plane/bus ride or upon arrival…your shoes. Usually, I take only 2 pairs of shoes: All-rounders, in my case Chuck Taylors and my workout shoes by Nike, and sometimes flip-flops. Shoes will take up a lot of space, so really think about what shoes will work for several occasions. My Chuck Taylors have actually been through a lot with me (literally mud, water, hikes, formal occasions) and I still use them. Yup, I don’t buy 4 or 5 pairs of shoes every week, like others do. Quality over quantity any time, baby.
  • Put stuff inside your shoes. No joke. You’ll find yourself saving a lot of space and it’s also a way of protecting your valuable items, i.e. your camera lens.
  • Roll up your clothes. When taking a backpack, rolling up your clothing items (like you would a towel) is the best way to save space.
  • Leave clothes that need to be ironed at home. Apart from the fact that the chances of finding a flat iron at hostels or in the jungle are rather slim, delicate clothes are going to be rumbled in your backpack.
  • Buy travel-sized beauty products. …and take only those products you use on a daily/weekly basis. You can get smaller versions of your favorite products at almost any drug store.

What are your tips for packing and traveling light? Did I miss anything?


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